Medieval mass grave found under Paris supermarket

Iraq reopens Baghdad museum after 12 years

Etruscan bronze, Tiepolo painting returned to Italy

Anglo-Saxon pendant found in Norfolk field

Coptic monks scramble to protect ancient monastery

War of the Roses skeletons unearthed in York

Lost fortress of Genghis Khan unearthed in western Mongolia

Oregon police seize Native American relics headed for black market

DNA evidence shows surprise cultural connections between Britain and Europe 8,000 years ago

Rare, Native American artifact discovered in Newtown

Secret room in ancient Sidon temple discovered

Islamic State smash ancient Iraq statues in Mosul

Bronze Age artefacts found in Wales declared 'treasure'

Drilling ancient African lakes sheds light on human evolution

'Unique' Roman tombstone found in Cirencester

Forensic analysis reveals Pharaoh was killed in battle

Two black granite busts of Sekhmet unearthed in Luxor

Asian tree rings explain historical plague outbreaks in Europe

'Gerbils replace rats' as main cause of Black Death

Vikings were more than just bloodthirsty pirates

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